Support LUNDÚ's Continued Fight Against Racism On Peruvian TV

A few weeks ago, we reported that our Peruvian partner LUNDÚ, was rallying allies to protest racist portrayals on a Peruvian television show. LUNDÚ promotes the development of the population of African descent by combating racism, sexism, and other types of discrimination from an inter-cultural, inter-generational and gender perspective.

LUNDÚ and organizations protesting the TV characters “Negro Mama” and “Paisana Jacinta” are still awaiting a response by the Society of Radio and TV to their demand to remove both characters and publicly apologize for the racist, sexist and discriminatory stereotypes they portray. On June 16, a group of organizations took to the streets with the Campaign Apuntate Contra el Racismo y Sexismo (Sign in against Racism and Sexism campaign) to collect signatures and statements for the petition. More than 5,000 statements have already been collected against racism and in support of the positive aspects of diversity in the many regions of Peru.

You can help support the campaign by sending a letter demanding (link to our campaign) that the Society of Radio and TV, the Minister of Women’s Affairs, and the Announcers’ Association eliminate both characters immediately.



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