Goals for Women's Health: June 28th Matches

Bad news: U.S.A, England, Korea Republic and Mexico are all out of the race. Good news: There’s still SO much more World Cup nail-biting to come, and as long as that keeps up, we’ll continue giving you the facts on women’s health around the world! Today’s matches are:

Netherlands vs. Slovakia

Not only is emergency contraception available in the Netherlands, it’s considered a part of the national family planning program, and its cost is covered by the national health insurance system!

Groups like the European Roma Rights Centre are working to get the Slovakian government to recognize and compensate Roma women who underwent forced sterilization in that country.

Brazil vs. Chile

IWHC partner Curumim has worked with over 2,500 midwives and 3,000 health professionals to help ensure that Brazilian women, especially those with few  resources, have knowledgeable, reliable care when giving birth.

Since becoming President of Chile in 2006, Michelle Bachelet established government-run domestic violence shelters in her country and ensured that women would be allowed to breast feed at work.



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