Goals for Women's Health: June 27th Matches

Root for your team and help score a goal for women’s health by telling your friends these facts at half-time! Today’s matches are:

Germany vs. England

Last year, German courts ruled that sexuality education in schools is mandatory, asserting that knowledge of your body and rights does not go against religious freedom.

As of this fall, all 15 and 16 year olds in England will receive compulsory sexuality education in schools.

Argentina vs. Mexico

The Argentine government provides women with free contraceptives as part of its health system.

There’s a very strong youth movement in Mexico for sexual and reproductive rights. Decidir, one of IWHC’s professional partners in the country, is helping educate young people about how to avoid unwanted pregnancy, and help them to understand their options in case one occurs.



4 responses to “Goals for Women's Health: June 27th Matches

  1. I didn't realise that in schools they didn't teach sexuality education in schools. The girls I did university with were all knowledgeable. Maybe they knew the wrong things: the emergency pill/ morning after pill. And they all knew they could health advice without their parents knowing. Pity England lost their soccer match – lets hope they can win in teaching and helping youngsters about their sexuality and in so doing help protect from disease as well as unwanted guilt emotions that many teens seem to have.

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