Goals for Women's Health: June 26th Matches

Game On! Today’s matches, the first in round two, are sure to be intense—but what we want to know is this: who’s winning when it comes to women’s health and rights? Here’s some info to ponder as you cheer for your team:

Uruguay vs. Korea Republic

Thanks to the tireless work of IWHC partner organization Mujer y Salud and other women’s organizations, it is looking more and more likely that women will have access to safe abortion services in Uruguay.

Although maternal mortality remains high in South Korea, far fewer women are dying during pregnancy and childbirth now than they were in 1990.

USA vs. Ghana

The “conception” of the modern birth control pill started at a dinner party conversation in New York City.

Groups like Ghana Women’s Voices are working hand-in-hand with Ghanaian pharmacists to help guide women to safer abortion options in a country where unsafe abortion is the leading cause of maternal mortality.



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