Considering a Women’s International Court

Why is it so important to have a Woman’s International Court? The idea was reinforced when I read the columns of Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times. I was enthralled and appalled by his writing on the plight of women in various countries of the world. Many people would join me in being mesmerized by his writings on the women of Darfur, Africa.

It occurred to me, and other women too, that when these henchmen came into the villages of Darfur and decimated the women and children, there should have been a back up of protective women that came riding in on magnificent grey steeds and the leader of the group would venture over to the perpetrators and say “STOP” you will not cross this line that is protective to these women.

So the first thing we must do is realize that there is precedence for a Women’s International Court. The seeds of democracy in the United States were planted by the model of the Iroquois Indians’ Confederacy of Six Nations. In their model, matrilineal power was vested in the women to own the land, to confer leadership and remove it, to guard the proceedings, to make them adhere to the welfare of this whole people. The judgment of women was honored and undisputed.

The bottom line is to set up a protective force for women in hurtful situations and we must, when necessary, meet with the elders of tribes and begin introducing in their tribal laws a respect for women, who after all, do all the work, bearing, caring for children and the work in the villages.

The second thing we need to do is address the cache of women to oversee this court. For instance, we could draw from all the women, Democrats and Republicans who were trying to gain a foothold in politics, but came in second. What happened to all those women who came in second? I remember one in particular named Betty Cantor. She was the Commissioner of Education for the state of Florida, and I felt it was a loss that her excellence was not utilized.

If women knew that their efforts and talents had some place to go when vying for a national post, would the whole enterprise be more gratifying? A woman like Elizabeth Edwards, who has gone to hell and back with grace, would be a wonderful asset to the court. She is a magnificent speaker on current events of the day and foreign policy. I heard her speak and was blown over by her eloquence, by her knowledge. What about someone like Sandra Day O’ Connor, who has energy to burn? She would be a good Republican for the court.

Why is this so necessary now? Because the world needs direction and it needs the steadying force of women. It is a myth that women are frivolous. Women are the salt of the earth.

A visionary poet, Marlaina Kreinin honed her vision by the streams, rocks and evergreen forests of Northern Michigan where she was raised. She holds a MS degree in Family Ecology and created a course entitled “A Holistic Approach to Family and Health”, which she taught at Michigan State University. She is a co-author of a textbook: “Family Living”. For many years, as a professional storyteller, her favorite stories center on the environment, courage and stretching our vistas. Read her blog, The Practical Visionary, and feel free to get in touch with her via email:



2 responses to “Considering a Women’s International Court

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  2. What would keep this body from becoming a toothless voice that the real powers of the world ignore?

    "…there should have been a back up of protective women that came riding in on magnificent grey steeds…"

    This is an image that brings to mind knighthood, which is at its core a military ideal.

    Actual military power to back up its words.

    Where would that power come from?

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