Changing Media, Changing Consciousness

This week, the Women’s Media Center won first place in YouTube’s Video Volunteers contest for an awesome piece on the representation of women in the media. 

IWHC has been a part of Women Media Center’s She Source network for years, which provides journalists with a database of sources on particular women’s issues, and has long admired the Center’s work to make media more representative and less biased.   

 The sad truth is that this work is needed more than ever.   The United States faces (in the words of Women’s Media Center) a “crisis of representation” where male guests outnumber female guests on Sunday morning political talk shows by an average of four-to-one, and white guests outnumber guests of any other race or ethnicity by nearly seven-to-one.  And as for media “makers,” women only hold 29% of top newspaper jobs and 18% of publisher seats, a percentage that has remained steady state for far too many years.    

 On behalf of IWHC, I tip my hat to our colleagues at WMC, and wish them continued success. 

 On a sad note, the death of Rue McClanahan marked the loss of an actor that pushed boundaries and stereotypes through her work in television.  As Blanche on the Golden Girls, McClanahan showed the United States, and the world, that women—especially older women— could be proud of their sexuality, their independence, and express themselves freely. 

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