Maternal Health: The Solution is Comprehensive Care

As part of their new Dying for Life feature, the Pulitzer Gateway (a project of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting) interviewed our policy consultant, Jen Redner, about maternal health. In just over three minutes, Jen digs into the inequities that are the basis of the issue of early and forced marriage, which is prevalent in many developing nations. She talks a bit about the root causes and the ways that early and forced marriage puts girls and young women’s health in danger and contributes to mortality associated with complications of pregnancy.

The complexities of this issue are much bigger than heartrending images of mothers and babies. Maternal health is linked to women’s rights within their communities, as well as women’s access to sexual and reproductive health care throughout their lives, not just during pregnancy and childbirth. This access includes the access to safe abortion and other reproductive health services as well.

Read the full Pulitzer Center article here, and read the IWHC publication Five Sexual and Reproductive Health Services that Will Make Pregnancy Safer for All.



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