The Fight for Safe & Legal Abortion Access in Nicaragua

There are six countries in the world in which abortion is completely illegal in all circumstances, three of which are in Latin America: Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Malta, East Timor, and the Vatican City.

This past week, a story has been brewing in Nicaragua about a pregnant woman in her late twenties, anonymized as “Amalia,” who has metastatic cancer. Without an abortion followed by cancer treatment, she and the fetus will most likely die.

Reproductive health advocates have launched an advocacy and information campaign about the case and have been directing letters to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to grant an exception to the Nicaraguan law in this case. As of Sunday, we’ve received news that the IACHR responded favorably to the urgent precautionary measures submitted by a Nicaraguan strategy group. The next step is for the Nicaraguan government to respond favorably to Amalia’s situation and provide prompt and comprehensive cancer treatment.

Here are a few great posts on the subject:

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We’ve blogged about the Nicaraguan abortion ban before, and if you want more in depth information about the ban and its effects, check out Amnesty International’s 50 page report, The Total Abortion Ban in Nicaragua (link leads to a PDF of the report).

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