Shannon Orchard Young

Sexual and reproductive health is a concern for all people, especially young women who have unique health concerns. Not all women have the same access to care options, nor have the ability to advocate for effective change. While there is a gradient of variance in the type of sexual and reproductive health young women receive, the need is still there. Understanding that regardless of the social, political, economic, or cultural differences that separate and segregate young women, sexual and reproductive health needs are present. Learning through our shared similarities, experiences and needs, we can learn how to build solidarity with each other and learn how to advocate for the collective needs of our communities.

How do we do this?

With the Young Visionaries contest grant I would utilize the money to run and facilitate peer education and alternative healthy sexuality education workshops. This knowledge would allow young women to unpack the cultural, social and political hegemony of sexual and reproductive health. Using the role of education and the media in shaping identities and ideas about our bodies. These workshops would facilitate the conversations in understanding the ways that our bodies have been co-opted by media, a corporate and pharmaceutical agenda and by the neo-liberal political organizing structures which has encouraged a dependence, not on ourselves, but on these forces to shape and construct ideas of normalcy and healthy sexuality. Through participation in these workshops the young women involved would be able to construct their lived reality of sexual health in something that was based on advocacy and autonomy to make the right choices for their lives and the community they live within. This experience would provide the opportunity to prepare policy and education ideas and methods to take to local school boards and levels of government in order to enact real time change.



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