Rachana Mehta

i would like to develop a theory on women and their development.A very proof based theory, which would cover the developmental changes that the girl undergoes which she and her caretaker sometimes are unable to understand which in turn hampered the development of a girl. it will cover the gender issue regarding, how the needs of girls are different as well equal and what are her capabilities as a girl which needs to addressed and also needs to respect,thus not just to be abound by societal roles. it will be an appraoch to attain gender equity. As if we talk about India, we have theory that is ashrama dharama theory, which is on what a man should do at each stage of life but there is no mention for women..thus theory will be applicable to across cultures…

also want to have build one NGO wherein, the services could be provided for newborn to elderly, that is covering the whole life span, as I have background of my developmental theories which i could apply and also have filedwork experience of working with each age of a human life.



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