Nusrat Ara

Since my forte is writing I would invest the Young Visionaries contest grant in developing a program wherein I and others like me will report about the maternal health of women in Kashmir. I live in a conflict area where heathcare is not given the priority it deserves as there are other issues which need immediate attention like survial itself.
The heathcare of women has always been a casualty in the list of priorities of the state. Women are more prone to mental disorders in a conflict zone.

There is no recognition of this fact in Kashmir except for a few studies carried out in the field. No initiatives have been taken with regard to the mental heath of women here.

It might not be out of place also to mention here that the state government received a warning from the central government directing it to decrease the number of ceasarian sections. The situation is still the same as doctors continue the practice to cater to increasing number of women within the same facilities.

I want to involve youth to think about the problems and then report. It will lead them to look for solutions as well.

I intend to use the local website where I contribute,, as a platform for these reports. The website will ensure wide desemination of the reports in all the local dailies, weeklies, and newsletters.

My intention is to spread the word as far as possible.

What I have learnt as a writer at Pulsewire from interacting with so many women across the world is that awareness is the key to a lot of problems of women. It is not the only thing but defintely the way to a solution starts with the awareness of a problem.

So I will be trying to create awareness with an aim to finding solutions.



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