Clara Nkwemi

I come from a rural locality where young people live in absolute ignorance. There is no information concerning safe sex practices and HIV prevention yet, and some do engage in sexual activities as early as age 14. The consequencies are early unwanted pregnancies and risky abortion practices. As we all know most organizations dueling on such issues seldom penetrate rural zones neither do we have internet and very few homes can afford television or radio. What I would do when I win the Young Visionaries contest grant, is to work with rural young (girls) people to organise informal meetings with them during which we wiill talk about these issues and all together set an agenda for the way forward which principally will be advocacy to religious and traditional leaders for sexuality education in all youth led spaces and in all events which involve young people. Together we will organize a mass campaign on sensitization education and communication on safe sex practices for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and HIV/STDs. This will occur during summer holidays, and will comprise of both male and female condom demonstrations. I will document case studies of the consequencies of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions. To make it ongoing I will also advocate for a social bureau in our students association that will take charge of sexuality education during its cultural activities every summer holiday.

nkwemi clara

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