Live from New York, It's Advocacy in Practice!

In 2007, IWHC launched Advocacy in Practice, or AiP, to help build the capacity and leadership skills of young leaders.  Twelve young people from ten countries met last week in preparation for the 54th Commission on the Status of Women, which will evaluate implementation of the  milestone Beijing Platform for Action.

The Aipers discussed the significance of global agreements on women’s health and rights,  effective messaging on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues, and advocacy strategies at the UN and in country they can put into practice following the training.

In addition to a special video greeting, our Aip participants have sent a few photos:

AiPers at work
Aipers at work

Clara in the snow
We whipped up a blizzard just for our Camerounian partners!

AiPers talk through advocacy strategy
Mapping an effective advocacy strategy

The Full Advocacy in Practice Crew
The full Advocacy in Practice Crew

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  1. what have i just missed? Itis pink and powerful! I am sure that these young energetic Aipers will take over the UN and create new milestones with the gains that they will make at the CSW practicals. Go on Aipers! Go!!!!

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