Linda J

Viewing things practically, I am aware that turning vision into reality is easier said than done. Many of us are able to post our visions, but are they all feasible? I deem that we need support and cooperation from our own community to unearth the visions from their hiding place. Therefore, if I win the Young Visionaries contest, I will use the awarded grant to initiate a project with the theme “The Voice of Us”. The awarded grant is apposite for the project start-up. In this project, of course, I’ll need cooperation from both governmental and non-governmental bodies in establishing a sustainable fund, and, moreover, my team will need mentors for the success of this project. Their endorsement of ‘’The Voice of Us” will lead us through a promising gateway towards carrying out in-depth training and education. “The Voice of Us” aims to address the dominant factors that contribute to the oppression and imprisonment of a young boy or girl, as well as to find a suitable approach to removing negative influences from young people’s lives.


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