Kebonye Tebogo

We all know that young people are the future in every given country. If I win the Young Visionaries grant for $1000 I will build a youth targeted clinic. This is an idea I have harbored for a very long time. In this clinic I shall hire professional staff, who are also young people. Youth are very secretive and when it comes to issues of sexuality they need to talk to someone who understand them and can easily relate to them. It is an unusual idea but I understand it better because I am a young person. Sometimes as young people we go through difficult times that we cannot openly discuss with our elders. Speaking from my own experience – when I was growing up, going through adolescence was a hard thing because parents didn’t teach us or give us a chance to openly raise issues of sexuality, love partners, and many other concerns. In Botswana if I have any problem I cannot tell my mother directly, I have to ask my aunt and then she will tell my mother. This is gradually changing but from my perspective I think that the change is slow.

Audacia Ray

Communications OfficerIWHC

Audacia Ray is a former Communications Officer and consultant for IWHC.

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