Joshua A. Anunibe

Adolescents in Nigeria are caught between tradition and the changing culture brought about by urbanization, globalised economies, and a media-saturated environment. Traditional mechanisms for coping with and regulating adolescents’ sexuality, especially early marriage and norms of chastity before marriage, are being eroded. Rates of unprotected sexual activity, unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and STD’s including HIV/AIDS, have been on the increase. The documented negative effects of these trends are devastating, and affect not only adolescents but also their families, community members, and the nation as a whole.

It is in the light of these ugly developments that I will use the Young Visionaries contest grant to provide and improve contraceptive services to young people, especially in target rural communities where the availability is very poor due to socio-cultural problems, poverty, lack of awareness about other contraceptive devices, and poor policy which has had a severe impact on gender, especially for females, in certain parts of the country. I will also use the grant to provide protection to young women and children who have been victims of recent ethnic and religious conflicts in the northern part of Nigeria by making emergency aids available to them.



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