International Women’s Day: Time to Celebrate, Collaborate and Contemplate

On International Women’s Day, IWHC staff, partners, and supporters are feeling inspired and energized: The Commission on the Status of Women is still in progress, and we’ve been advocating side-by-side with incredible youth leaders from around the world through our Advocacy in Practice program.

Need something to get you going today? We think the words of Clara Ngato Nkwemi, who works with survivors of violence, against women in Cameroun, just might help:

“I am inspired to continue my work each time I see a woman who is unable to exercise her rights. I get inspired when I see a woman who has experienced violence and there is no one to hear her cry. I get inspired when I see a woman who’s not able to access the health services she needs. But also, every time I see a woman . . . It’s quite inspiring to see how strong each one of us can be.”

Throughout the year, we have worked hand-in-hand with our partners to achieve great gains for women and girls worldwide. Securing victories for women’s rights and health is not always easy, but we are changing minds and changing lives every day.

As Clara said to a crowd of IWHC supporters last Friday, “Like it or not, we are going to be held accountable for the history we are making now.” Each and every one of us can make a difference by sharing information about women’s health and rights with people in your lives and your networks. And if you’re looking to sharpen your own knowledge before having those chats, take this quick quiz—you’ll feel like an expert in minutes.

On that note, all of us at IWHC wish you a very happy International Women’s Day, and thank you for your ongoing dedication to making a just and healthy life  a reality for every woman and girl.



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