Hira Hafeez Ur Rehman

I am working as a Coordinator for the Youth Advisory Panel, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Pakistan, and two months ago I initiated a project in Islamabad, Pakistan locality where street children, labor youth, and child beggars are situated. My project is called the “Mentoring Street Children project” which aims to prevent common diseases among children and spread awareness about health. It teaches street children (about 250 in number) about protecting their health and future. The project is two months old, and I,  along with my group made have covered topics on eating well, hygiene, and how to prevent illness and diseases including tuberculosis, diarrhea and the flu.

So far the responses from the childrenhave been amazing, they are willing to learn more about keeping themselves away from unhealthy environment and live a healthy life despite the work they are doing, e.g. begging, washing cars, polishing shoes etc. I will use this grant to do practicals with the children, provide them with health related items such as soaps, tooth brush, tooth pastes while using demonstration. These kids do not have a good place to sit, they sit on the floor , hence i will use the money to provide mats to these children, these children do not have a blackboard, or sufficient stationary to read or write, so i will use the grant to make their study environment a bit better and make my lectures to these students more practical so that they actually do what they learn.



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  1. Hira you r working on very nice project … childrens will be saved from lots of illness and disease by that… and above all they are learning about their basic health rights. This is very good work you doing, a noble cause.. the childrens who are begging and washing cars around etc. its better they learn something with the grant you going to take for their betterment. We are with you.and this is nice thing that this is happening in our country Pakistan and the poor kids will get the benefit and will learn something useful.

  2. such efforts ought to be appreciated and encouraged on all levels. the efforts which hira initated is of great value. and is really recomended. keep it up.

  3. Hira your project is a step in the right direction .However, I find that we as a nation need to focus on 'Youth' for building their skills and hence need a system wide interventins for that.

    Cograts on a job well-done ! keep it up.


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