Here They Are: Your Top Ten Young Visionaries!

It is with great excitement that we announce to you today the end of the nomination and voting period of the Young Visionaries contest!

Over 70 amazing nominees from 27 different countries entered our Young Visionaries contest–it was so hard to make the final picks. Each and every one of the nominations was inspiring, and I’ve never been more certain of the potential that young people have to change the world. If you want to browse through them all, you can have a look here.

We’ve included the top ten finalists below. Five finalists were selected by popular vote and the other five were selected by the Communications Team at IWHC according to the criteria outlined in our contest rules.

Now, it’s up to our panel of five esteemed judges. Look for the winner on this site the week of April 5th.

And now without further ado, I present the top ten (note that the items below link to full nomination forms from each contestant):

Ador Leanda Hurtado, Phillipines

“Change must be imbued and embodied in each and every one of us.”

Anina Hewey and Amelia Graves, United States

“Women are the backbone of every nation.”

Aysel Asgarova, Azerbaijan

“Youth stands for creativity!”

Felistah Mbithe Ngui, Kenya

“The solution to young people’s problems lies with them.”

Felix Scholz, Australia

“Inclusion of men, and younger men in particular, is vital in the promotion of women’s health and rights.”

Fsahat Ul Hassan, Pakistan

“Only young people can be the change makers!”

Kalindy Bolivar, Ecuador

"Transforming our personal relations is a fundamental part of transforming women's reality."

Meitar Moscovitz and Emma Gross, United States

“We want to see a world in which all people, but especially young people, contribute to a self-sustaining educational platform.”

Mustafa Barood Haroon, Sudan

“We are in need of real change, god willing. If we strive together we will change, and create a happy life for all.”

Sunita Basnet, Nepal

"To make women aware of their rights, we also need to include men, especially in a patriarchal community like mine."


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