Bonface Witaba

If I win the Young Visionaries contest, first and foremost I would pump that money into our community youth project, the Centre for Youth Empowerment and Leadership. This would boost our cause to empower youth through information and communication technologies (ICT) training in order to bridge the digital divide gap and help promote understanding of youth culture and ethical aspects relating to ICTs in order to expand networking among youth organizations in the global village through ICTs.

Secondly, I would replicate the project to other sites in the community to create more opportunity for other youth to learn about technology as well as create employment opportunities for youth trainers.



8 responses to “Bonface Witaba

  1. I am sure Bonface will be able to bring the much needed change in the community through the proposal rural Digital centre project if he receives the money. I am convinced, more than never that ICT possesses the single biggest potential to change the livelihood of unmployed rural youth in Kenya and Bonface's vision is extremely empowering and life changing. I strongly support that he wins this contest .

  2. Shiet….. this monumental………. i lost a great opportunity…..damn…..sorry chieph….
    all the best
    u rock the world

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