Atieno Odhiambo

With the $1000 Young Visionaries contest grant from the International Women’s Health Coalition I would be able to set up a consultancy firm which will deal with education on reproductive health amongst the youth in my country; most specifically sex education. My target age group will be between 13-21 years old. There have been plans to introduce sex education in the educational curriculum in Kenya for the past 3 years but to no avail.

A recent study in Kenya (my home country) shows that girls as young as 12 years old are engaging in sexual intercourse. The greatest contributing factor is that parents are not willing to talk to their children about sex.

I have a vision to educate young girls and boys on sex. I have a passion to help them understand reproductive health so that they do not make mistakes that they may come to regret, all because they were not spoken to as they were growing up.

There are many myths that surround reproductive health that are circulating amongst the youth of Kenya and it gives me great pain to see many young girls engage in sex at a very young and tender age.



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