Ajay Kumar Uprety

The one and only thing that I will do with the Young Visionaries contest grant will be sensitization of young post secondary school youths about sexual reproductive health and rights and HIV/AIDS using recent internet technologies.

With the grant and some other technical support with affiliated organizations I have planned following works:

    – E-radio in local Nepali language : episodes on sexual reproductive health, discussion with law experts on rights aspect, health related information. As course curriculum do not include broad information on sexual reproductive health of young people; this e-radio aimed to bridge the gap between our needs and information we will get in any type of formal education system.
    – E-course on “You, Social Justice, and Your Health” : this e-course will be focused on rights, advocacy, and current practices that need to change in case of Nepal with reference to social, cultural practices, and young people’s current status.
    – “Frame the Art” this will be a part of program where fine arts competition on young peoples’ sexual reproductive health and rights will be organized among youths. The winner will be awarded some prize and all the arts will be put on the website for public auction. The money raised from this will be managed as seed fund, which can be used to further the same type of work or to award new ideas in Nepal.


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  1. Best of Luck my friend,
    We need REAL young people like you to work in the area of Young people in Nepal. Nepalese Young people need Leaders Not just with Action plan but long term Vision. Best of Luck once again.


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