Action Alert: Thank Speaker Pelosi for Her Leadership on Healthcare Reform

Three years ago, Nancy Pelosi made history when she was elected the first female speaker of the House.   On Sunday night, the highest-ranking woman in Congress made history again by helping to negotiate the passage of health care overhaul legislation.

While abortion remained a contentious—and compromised—health care issue throughout the debate, this vote was a good step in the right direction:  health care access will eventually be extended to more than 30 million Americans currently without quality, affordable health care, many of whom are women.

With women representing only 17% of Congress, Speaker Pelosi’s achievements as a legislator and a leader are noteworthy, and should pave the way for ensuring that more women are included in the political process.   Her leadership was essential in moving Congress to move forward on an issue that has been stuck in the quagmire for decades.  Click here to send a note to Speaker Pelosi thanking her for her persistence in pushing for health care reform.    Use the text below or write your own message.

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Thank you for your leadership and tenacity in pushing for health care reform.  While the legislation does not contain all the provisions necessary for American women, it takes us forward towards quality, comprehensive coverage for all.

As the first female speaker of the House, you have made history both as a leader and a legislator.  Your success in the political arena will surely pave the way for other young women aspiring to careers in politics.





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