Stephanie Herold

Pennsylvania makes abortion access difficult for all women, but young women in particular have to jump through extra hoops. In addition to a 24-hour waiting period and mandatory information session, young women must go through judicial bypass if they cannot get their parents’ permission to have the abortion.

To make this process easier, I want to start an organization that provides support services to young women during and after their abortions. This would mean the following:

    – Providing a safe, free place for women (especially young women) to stay in the city if they’re traveling from another part of the state for an abortion;
    – Providing an escort and transportation to take them to and from the clinic if needed;
    – Providing a support group for young women who’ve had abortions with a focus on reproductive justice & future activism;
    – Offering community outreach opportunities for young women to go into schools and talk about their abortion experience;
    – Connecting these women to reproductive health resources that are affordable and accessible to young women.

Giving young women a voice in the reproductive justice movement is an essential element in destigmatizing abortion and empowering women to take control of their reproductive destinies.



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