Otobo Ujah

If I win the Young Visionaries contest and am given $1000, I will organize a Youth Summit with the Theme “Improving Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health for Young People.” This I believe will bridge the disconnect between rights and reality.

The summit will bear in mind and consider the fact that there’s significant un-met need for information, education, and services for sexual and reproductive health for married and unmarried people and thus essential to create an environment conducive in keeping girls in school through secondary level and to address gender inequalities for successful development of the nation.

I believe and understand that the sexual and reproductive health of young people is the fundamental key to the development of nations – demographically, economically, socially, culturally and politically and as such meeting our needs (i.e. the needs of young people, is patently critical to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

The summit, which will bring together youth and youth leaders, parliament members, professionals in the field of sexual and reproductive health, and other stakeholders will address issues on

    – Information and services for contraception as well as post abortion – care for young people
    – Sexuality Education
    – Girl Child Education
    – Gender Based violence
    – HIV/AIDS and STI’s including cervical cancer

Recognizing that investing & empowering girls and women is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to advance the development agenda, the summit will enable young people express their views and opinions on the need to develop an approach that allows meaningful participation, opportunities at the policy level that respects young people’s interest and needs in programming for HIV and reproductive health services.



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  1. Hi, its cool to have you guys project this wonderful program to enhance development and equity in our society. I pray you guys don’t relent in your efford, Thanks

  2. the world is in need of young visionaries. youths who carry the burden of responsibility and a sense of obligation to the society the live in. Dr otobo Ujah has clearly demonstrated he is empowered in this regard.

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