Nancy Chepkoech Muigei

If I win the Young Visionaries contest, I will conduct a life skills training and motivational talks with young people transitioning from their high school to university in a bid to educate young people on how to manage time after school, and reduce unemployment by exposing them to new skills and opportunities that will be fundamental to their livelihood.

My vision is to see many young girls and boys discover their potential, make use of their talents and advance the society where they live by keeping them from high risky behaviours that would be detrimental to their health and growth.

I also want the young people to take responsibility for their lives and be self aware of their leadership skills. Despite any challenges of unemployment, I would help them find alternative ways of creating jobs for themselves through discovery of the opportunities in the society.

All this will only be possible with this grant which will make this idea into a reality.



23 responses to “Nancy Chepkoech Muigei

  1. You look Smart enough to bring a change. A leader with passion,role model and vision for others. Best wishes is mine and luck is yours. God Bless you

  2. Good to see you think about the holistic mentorship of young people who have quite often been misused by selfish leaders. I vote for you

  3. Time is now ripe for you to work towards you dream.You had started as a mere Sunday school teacher,giving the hope to the children,you moved a little bit further to campus politics where you shattered the myth of women emerging as young leaders.Your dreams are soaring higher,go out there and give the hope they need.Mentor ship is all that lucks in our institutions.That's great from you. move on with zeal and passion,You deserve it.I vote for you.

  4. I pray that you win so could discover the many gaps that exist in our society that deny young people the opportunity to be change actors everytime a chance nocks on their doors. Keep it up, you have my support.

  5. Let your passion and strong conviction of bringing real change to society through youth empowerment and mentorship be realized. I strongly belief that through synergy and concerted efforts of all youth, this world be a safer place for all of us and the country could be boosting of gross national hapiness.

  6. I am praying that God for you, so that you may be able to win this contest.We need you and i will always do my best for you to win this contest. May the Good God be with you …Amen..pls there people who are asking for you picture so please kindly past it .Thanks

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