Aysel Asgarova

Youth stands for creativity!

Thus, I’d prefer to choose more creative way of drawing public attention to social and health problems, i.e. theatre and improvisation.

In almost every Muslim country women experience gender-based discrimination and inequality. Azerbaijan is not an exception. So, if I win a $1000 Young Visionaries grant, I’d organise a 5-day Theatre-based Training of Trainers in the field of Peer Education and Reproductive Health in one of the regions of Azerbaijan. The training would be held based on this Youth Peer Education Network UNFPA manual for peer educators (PDF document).

In the end all participants will develop a scenario and stage an interactive theatre performace. The theatre performance staged would stress the importance of healthy lifestyle and gender equality and cover such topics as gender relations, reproductive health, family planning, risky behaviour, STIs, HIV/AIDS and stigma and discrimination associated with it. Thus, our performance will promote responsible behaviour. The performance will be done before the large audience at local youth centre with involvement of media. However, spectators will not sit passively – after the performance they’ll be able to put the questions to actors and ask anything that’ll come to their minds. The trained peer educators in their turn will further lead such training in their own communities. Thus, this action will influence many others and its sustainability will be ensured.



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  1. Well done for nomination Aysel. I hope you win.
    I support your vision and know th
    at you will do a great job in giving meaning to your service…
    Roland Muntinga-Rahal – London

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