10 Tactics for Turning Information Into Activism

10 tactics for turning information into action (Trailer) from Tactical Technology Collective on Vimeo.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about the ways that non-profits, advocacy groups, and individuals can use social media to further their cause, build networks, incite people to action, and create coalitions. Hundreds of blog posts, dozens of meetings and presentations, and several conferences have built up around this theme. There’s some good stuff out there, and… well, some not so great stuff. I’ve been continually impressed by the Tactical Technology Collective (I recommend their toolkits all the time) and especially by their latest project, 10 Tactics for Turning Information Into Activism. The campaign is built around ten short videos, complemented by case studies and thoughtful strategies for building a variety of communications campaigns and products. Each video is devoted to a different tactic and features activists from around the world. Some of the tactics covered include the role of witnessing and documenting human rights violations, the use of complex data, and listening to questions.

In our home city of New York, there are three screenings and meet-ups happening in the next few weeks in which the full 50 minute documentary will be screened and there will be ample room for conversation about the ways to turn information into activism. There are also upcoming screenings and discussions in Sweden, Colombia, Mexico, and many more places. But, of course, you don’t have to attend a physical meet-up to get all this good information. You can also watch the videos online and download their toolkits.

Here’s the information about the New York events:

    Wednesday, February 17th, 7pm
    The Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts
    354 West 45th Street New York, NY

    The film will be hosted by Tactical Tech in conjunction with Grassrootscamp.org. A panel discussion will follow the screening. Panelists will include representatives from NGOs who will discuss the topic of digital advocacy and share their own success stories. The film will be screened in English.

    Contact: Nate Heasley, nate@grassrootscamp.org or read more here.

    Monday, March 1st, 6 pm
    Open Society Institute
    400 West 59th Street New York, NY

    The film will be hosted by Tactical Tech in conjunction with WITNESS and Open Society Institute. After the screening Sam Gregory of WITNESS, who is profiled in the film, and Melissa Gira Grant, a research consultant for the 10 tactics project, as well as other information activists, will address how they turn information into action. For more information and to RSVP visit the Open Society Institute website.

    Tuesday, March 16th, 7 pm
    Brooklyn Creative League
    540 President Street Brooklyn, NY

    The film will be hosted by Tactical Tech in conjunction with the coup and Brooklyn Creative League. After the screening a discussion will follow to explore the challenges and opportunities of putting these tactics to use to advance your cause. Conversations will be grounded in real examples from local organisations. For more information and to reserve your seat visit the coup website.

    Contact: Matthew Willse tactics[at]thecoup.org



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