World AIDS Day Follow-Up

One week ago, on World AIDS day, we asked you to recognize the extraordinary work of our partners, who provide young people with comprehensive sexuality education, ensure access to crucial health services and information, and advocate for policies and programs that uphold the human rights of women and girls.

Since then, your supportive and inspirational messages to our colleagues have poured in from all over the globe, from Germany to Pakistan, from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Joan Loza Mobry of Madison, Wisconsin wrote that “as a woman and mother of a young woman, it is crucial that we can make informed choices.” Joan Gurry wrote that AIDS “is a preventable disease and it should be made clear to all how to be safe.”And Shannon O’Grady of Santa Fe, New Mexico wrote that the ability to make healthy choices about her life and those of her family is “not only a basic human right, but also creates healthier stronger families for future generations.”

We also received testimony- from doctors, executive directors, managers, and other actors working locally to effect change. Dr. C. Jeanette Sundberg-Cohon, an obstetrics & gynecology doctor in “a developed Western country with advanced health care options”, wrote “I see on a daily basis the consequences of women who have made responsible choices based on full information and access to healthcare. I believe what you are doing is fundamentally important towards ensuring that not only will the world’s girls and women have a fair chance to lead a healthy and productive life, but all the world’s population — men and boys included — will benefit as a result.” Tahera Khanam, the Executive Director of the Srimangal Foundation in Bangladesh, wrote that despite her experiences in the “battle field”, she maintained “hope for a healthy nation” due to the work being done. Farman Ali, Project Manager of a Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad, Pakistan wrote that each of us is a “father, mother, brother, husband, son or sister -a human being” and so “if we don’t support, vote, and promote such action, behavior, measures, and policies,” who else will solve the problem?

Other respondents chose to send a note of support, thanking our partners for their leadership in their ongoing efforts to put the power of prevention in the hands of women and girls.  Scroll down to see a list of names.

We will be sending these notes to our partners to let them know that you stand in solidarity with their efforts to ensure a just and healthy life for every woman and girl.  And be sure to sign up now to receive future IWHC action alerts with more information about how you can support our partners in the fight against HIV/AIDS and influence important legislative and policy decisions.

1)      Claire Coveney, New York, NY

2)      Mr. Kevin Silvey, Seminole, FL

3)      Bryan D. Freehling, Lahaska, PA

4)      Ms. Neahle Madden, Santa Rosa, CA

5)      Paul Weiss, Fort Lauderdale, FL

6)      Mr. James M. Nordlund, Fargo, ND

7)      Mr. Chris Tarnofsky, Bayonne, NJ

8)      Mrs. Michele Rodriguez, Manasquan, NJ

9)      Nick J Davis, Toronto, NY

10)   Anneke Hut, Amersfoort, NY

11)   Ms. Ginger Geronimo, Birmingham, AL

12)   Christiane Henker, Bad Laer, AK

13)   Jim T, Western Australia

14)   Jennifer Hall, Greeneville, TN

15)   Laura Broenink, Amersfoort, NY

16)   Barbara Kantola, Niles, MI

17)   Barbara McNamara, Joppa, MD

18)   Mrs. Julie Greenspan, San Diego, CA

19)   Mr. Jason J Green, Spotsylvania, VA

20)   Ms. Mary Acosta, Baldwin Park, CA

21)   Ann Cawley, Saint Joseph, MO

22)   Rev Bookburn, Collingswood, NJ

23)   Kat, Germany

24)   Kenneth Knoppik, Boca Raton, FL

25)   Christina Jones, Wichita, KS



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