Top Ten Wins #2: U.S. Administration Acts Swiftly on Women's Health and Rights

Each year IWHC issues a publication highlighting the “Top Ten Wins for Women’s Health and Rights” for that year. This week on Akimbo, we’ll be unveiling our latest picks for the top ten wins for women’s health and rights of 2009. Click here to view the list from last year.

Three early actions by the Obama Administration signaled a revitalized U.S. commitment to realizing the sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls worldwide:

  • President Obama revoked the Global Gag Rule, which limited international non-governmental organizations’ ability to provide the full package of sexual and reproductive health care services, including safe abortion counseling and services.
  • President Obama worked with Congress to restore funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), enabling millions to access the sexual and reproductive health services and information they need.
  • The Administration paved the way the way for new U.S. leadership on women’s health and human rights globally by appointing Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State, and appointed an Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues, creating a new office for Global Women’s Issues.

What’s next: In the next year, the United States has unique opportunities to develop foreign assistance policies and funding.  The President’s US Global Health Initiative proposes a women-centered approach that will help generate better sexual and reproductive health outcomes, and leverage significant support from other donors.  In close collaboration with more than 50 colleague organizations, IWHC continues to work with U.S. Administration officials to ensure that foreign assistance best meets the needs of women and girls.

Find out more: Visit the IWHC Capital Critiques web feature on Akimbo for more insight into the U.S. administration’s record on women.



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