Top 10 Wins #9: Sonke Gender Justice Network Challenges Hate Speech in Court

Each year IWHC issues a publication highlighting the “Top Ten Wins for Women’s Health and Rights” for that year. This week on Akimbo, we’ll be unveiling our latest picks for the top ten wins for women’s health and rights of 2009. Click here to view the list from last year.

men_of_quality In May, South African IWHC partner Sonke Gender Justice Network took African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema to task for his comments suggesting that South African President Jacob Zuma’s rape accuser enjoyed having sex with him. As an organization that supports men and boys to act against domestic and sexual violence, Sonke formalized their hate speech complaint against Malema in Equality Court.

What’s Next: A decision on the case is expected in early 2010. Regardless of the outcome of the case, however, strong networks of men and women are needed to advocate for survivors of sexual assault and gender-based violence, and to hold governments accountable for ending gender discrimination. Through its One Man Can Campaign, Sonke Gender Justice Network is supporting new generations of men and boys to challenge gender norms and advocate for the human rights of women nationally and internationally.

Find out More:

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  2. Read a recent blog entry by Sonke Communications and Information Manager, “Men of Quality Do Not Fear Equality: Working with African men Towards Gender Justice and Prevention of HIV
  3. Read more about the One in Nine Campaign, a movement in South Africa aimed at improving rape survivors’ access to justice


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