Senate Rejects Abortion Access Restrictions in Health Insurance Reform Bill

CapCritFINALAfter intense activism on both sides of the issue, the Senate rejected an effort to include a provision to severely restrict coverage for abortion services in insurance plans.

Thousands came to Capitol Hill on December 2 to support comprehensive access to health services and be part of the policy process.  Their presence had impact.

The 54-45 rejected an amendment similar to the Stupak-Pitts amendment passed by the House on November 9 in its version of the health insurance reform bill.  The amendment would have banned abortion coverage from all private and public insurance plans for millions of American women.

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Photo by Jennifer Redner at the December 2nd rally.

The health insurance reform debate is complicated, difficult, and contentious.  The positive step taken by the Senate to help destigmatize abortion and ensure that legal health procedures are covered by insurance plans is heartening and should be applauded.  Take a moment and let your Senators know you appreciate their vote (check out how they voted here ).  Reinforcing positive actions is part of our job.

Once the Senate finishes work on the health care reform bill, both the House and Senate will have to come together, work out the differences between the two versions and then act on that bill.  Our work in protecting insurance coverage for and access to abortion more broadly isn’t over.  To receive updates and action opportunities, sign up here.


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