Online Course on Disability, Sexuality, and Rights

crea Our partner Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action (CREA), a feminist human rights organization based in Delhi and led by women from the global South, is organizing an exceptional online training on Disability, Sexuality, and Rights. CREA works to break taboos and build leadership by convening academics, activists, and practitioners to discuss issues of women’s sexual health and rights. The training runs nine weeks from February 1 – April 1, 2010 and will require five hours of work per week. Applications are due December 18th.

Below is some information from CREA – click here to download full details and the application.

The Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Training provides a study of theory and practice for people working in fields such as development, health and rights, including disability and sexuality. The aim is to develop awareness of issues of disability and sexuality and a political perspective on disabled people’s sexual rights. Participants develop their ability to work in inclusive and holistic ways that further health and rights.

Why take this course?

    • Disabled people are often excluded or discriminated against in relation to their sexuality by health, development and rights organizations because they are not considered sexual or they are thought to be vulnerable or uncontrolled sexually.
    • Disability rights activists and service providers often disregard sexuality issues and rights in favor of issues considered more pressing and appropriate like employment and physical access.
    • However, sexuality is an important part of life, identity, society and culture for all people, including people with disabilities. It can be a source of pleasure and pain, empowerment and oppression. It cannot be ignored.

Key Questions and Content

    • What is disability? Definitions; questioning assumptions and labels. Disability as a system of power inequality and social structure, related to living in the body. Relationships to other systems (race, class, gender, sexuality, age…).
    • What is sexuality? It is much more than sexual acts and sexual orientation. How does it relate to culture, politics, bodies, power, disability…?
    • What do human rights have to do with disability and sexuality?
    • Why are disabled people discriminated against in relation to sexuality?
    • Why is sexuality important to everyone, including disabled people? Why is sexuality important for health, development and rights organizations to consider?
    • How does the experience and politics of disability in the global South impact theory and practice on disability rights? How are people organizing and campaigning around these issues?
    • How can we advance the rights, health and well-being of people with disabilities?


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