You've seen the news. You're in disbelief. Now Take Action Against the Stupak Amendment

action-alert-blogThe news that the House of Representatives passed a bill that, if enacted, would fundamentally change how abortion services are covered by insurance plans was met with disbelief by the majority of us.  Despite months of discussion during which many key players said they did not want to restrict abortion access any more than what is in current law, the House adopted an amendment in its health care reform bill that would do much more than prohibit federal funds – except in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother – from being used to pay for abortion coverage.

This extreme amendment (known as Stupak-Pitts, after the two Members that spearheaded the provision), goes well beyond current law by prohibiting insurers in the new system from providing health plans that use private funds to cover abortion services. This is a radical departure from the status quo – where 87% of employer based health plans currently cover abortion services.

The Senate is poised to take action on its version of a health care reform bill.  Call your Senators NOW to ensure they do not act to take away coverage for abortion services that women currently have.

Even Senators who have been long-time supporters of comprehensive women’s health services need to hear from us to ensure that they stay strong and do the right thing.  Don’t underestimate the difference that your voice can make!

Tell them:

  • We want meaningful health insurance reform in our country – but not if it doesn’t provide coverage for legal health services.
  • This is not the place to debate how people feel about abortion – abortion is a constitutionally protected and sometime-necessary health services that currently is covered in the overwhelming majority of health care plans.
  • We need your leadership – not just your votes – to make sure that there are no more restrictions than those that are currently in place.
  • Women must be treated fairly in any reform plan – to do otherwise is both ineffective and unjust. Women must be able to purchase private or public health insurance that offers comprehensive reproductive health care that addresses needs through out their lives, including abortion care.

To call or email your Senators (and calling is better) click here.  Please act NOW to prevent an erosion of abortion coverage.

To learn more about the Stupak Amendment, visit



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