Take a Stand: Rally Against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill Thursday

Uganda flierWe’ve gotten wind of some important happenings this Thursday: rallies at the Ugandan Consulate in New York and the Ugandan Embassy in DC to protest the anti-homosexuality law currently under consideration in the Ugandan parliament.

LGBQ rights in Uganda face enough threats as it is.“Carnal knowledge against the order of nature” is already criminalized in Uganda under the penal code, which has been used to prosecute and discriminate against LGBQ Ugandans.  Yet, the new bill would specifically target homosexuality and LGBQ citizens and significantly up the stakes.  Under the new law charges of “aggravated homosexuality” (which includes “serial” offenders and people living with HIV/AIDS) could be punished with the death penalty.  The bill also greatly expands the class of actions that could be considered criminal, from simply touching someone with homosexual intent to the concerning criminalization of “promotion of homosexuality,” which would effectively outlaw queer organizing, to a significant fine up to 3 years imprisonment for failing to report known illegal activity.

This bill represents an unconscionable attack on the sexual rights of LGBQ Ugandans and their allies.  Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) has issued a global call for action between November 9th and December 10th.  Protests are so far scheduled in Copenhagen, Ottowa, Pretoria, and the US.  We’re throwing our support in with African Services Committee, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch, Health GAP, Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project, and others and heading to Consulate Thursday to show our support for basic human rights.

If you’re in New York: Thursday, November 19, 12:30 PM, Uganda House, 336 East 45th St.

If you’re in Washington, DC: Thursday, November 19, 2 pm, Ugandan Embassy, 5911 16th Street, NW.

Click here to read more about IWHC’s work to advance, protect, and promote women’s and young people’s sexual rights.

Click here to view the IGLHRC call to action (and to contact the Ugandan parliament).

Click here for the Human Rights Watch (HRW) statement “Uganda: ‘Anti-Homosexuality’ Bill Threatens Liberties and Human Rights Defenders”

Click here to listen to a radio Interview with SMUG.



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