New Female Condoms Are For Sale in the US

Back in March, the FDA approved a second-generation female condom for sale in the United States. Our colleagues at the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) announced today that the new female condom (FC2) is now officially available in the United States (link leads to a PDF of CHANGE’s news release).

The new and improved female condom is made of nitrile instead of polyurethane. Like polyurethane, nitrile is a material that works well for people with latex sensitivities, but it is thinner and reduces the squeakiness that many people complained about with the first generation female condom. The new material is also cheaper – the market price of the FC2 will be 30% less than the original.

This is exciting progress in the world of safer sex materials and female-controlled barrier methods!



6 responses to “New Female Condoms Are For Sale in the US

  1. The animation is quite alright, but not different from what used to be in the last edition. How can it get to Nigeria in good time, because most of what we have now are expired.
    Dare Adeoye,
    Gender Activist,

    1. I think the FC products that are being tested and used in Africa are a bit different than this one – there are a few international companies that have been working on FCs outside of the US. Our Food and Drug Administration approval process for medical devices is pretty slow, so there are a variety of options available outside the U.S. That of course doesn't solve your stated problem of expired products. Hopefully with increased attention on the FCs, ngos will be able to help get them more widely distributed.

      Here are a few pics of two different FCs, made of latex and nitrile, that are being tested and marketed internationally:

  2. Good to see improvements in this area.

    What's with the voiceover? .. couldn't they find someone who didn't have cold?

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