Catholic, Pro-Choice, and Complicated

One of the organizations that belongs to the With Women Worldwide compact to end HIV/AIDS, for which IWHC is the secretariat, is a really fascinating group called Catholics for Choice. They have a variety of campaigns that promote their mission and ethics – one of my favorites is their Condoms for Life campaign (slogan: Good Catholics Use Condoms).

Most recently, the organization has put out a report called Catholic Voters’ Views on Health Care Reform and Reproductive Health Care Services (link gets you a PDF). The results are really fascinating, and much more pro-woman than I assumed they’d be. Here’s a snippet, download the PDF for more:

Large majorities of Catholic voters support health insurance coverage for abortions—either in a private or a government-run scheme:
• when a pregnancy poses a threat to the life of a woman (84 percent)
• when a pregnancy is due to rape or incest (76 percent)
when a pregnancy poses long-term health risks for the woman (73 percent)
• when test results show a fetus has a severe abnormal condition (66 percent)

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