Alliance of Youth Movements Summit: Mexico City and Online

aoym-banner If you’re wondering where activism is headed and how people are using new media to organize, look no further than the global youth movement. On Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16th the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit is taking place in Mexico City. According to the announcement on their website: “The event will convene individuals, government officials, academics, and private and public sector leaders from around the world to explore ways to advance grassroots movements seeking positive social change through 21st century technology and tools.”

This of course means that in addition to having a live event, the Summit will be webcasting live starting first thing on the morning of October 15th, and there are plenty of opportunities for online interaction throughout the summit.

Hopefully the conversations at the event will have some depth to them – there needs to be more of an evolution of conversation about social media and activism. The How To Create a Grassroots Movement Using Social-Networking Sites video that is posted as a resource on the site is cleverly put together but lacks depth and detail. A suggestion like: “send your message out to your network” is pretty common sense and doesn’t dig into the deeper issues of building valuable and engaged networks.

That said, I’m eager to check out the conversations at the Alliance of Youth Movement Summit. I bet the youth activists will bring really interesting ideas to the table.

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