"No Rage, Just Presence": Tools, Tactics, and Traffic on Day One in India

Audacia Ray,  Online Communications and Campaigns Program Officer at IWHC, is traveling in India for two weeks with Asia Program Officer Khushbu Srivastava.  During the trip, Audacia and Khushbu will visit our partners in the region, document their work, and provide training and technical assistance, among other things. Here we bring you the first of a series of notes on her travel experiences.

“From the airport to the hotel, day one.  Sign on back of truck says blow horn.  And that’s what happens during the rest of the car ride.  No rage about it, just presence.  Through the car window: Lemonade stands, bikes, kids playing with shaving cream and grazing goats on the median.   Guys rest on pallets under overpasses amidst rubble, and I’m unclear if it’s construction or destruction.  An ad on the side of a passing bus says ‘power to the people.’ A group of men ride on top .

“I am loving the chaos, noise, and aggression of Delhi.  We commuted everywhere in three-wheeled yellow and green auto rickshaws.  I was grateful for Khushbu’s knowledge of the city and its customs. Khushbu casually reminded me on the first auto rickshaw ride of the morning that I should be careful, because kidnapping and sexual assault are common on the streets of Delhi, and she was once almost nabbed from an auto in Delhi. That thought kept creeping in throughout the rest of the day.”

Shortly after her arrival in India, Audacia provided online media training sessons to IWHC partner CREA (Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action):

“We started the day by providing several hours of training to CREA in online tools and tactics.  Though CREA has been around for nine years, they have only had a website for the past year and a half, and are now in the process of redesigning the site because they want it to be more interactive—something we went through at IWHC not too long ago. I shared with them the approach IWHC takes to online communications, social web theory and best practices.  The examples worked really well – it was effective to show what these ideas look like in practice.”

Soon, Audacia and Khushbu are headed to Maharashtra State to visit our partner SANGRAM, which works to educate women and youth about HIV prevention.  Stay tuned for more updates!



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