IWHC on the Huffington Post

huffpo Writer and psychoanalyst Joyce McFadden attended an event we hosted recently, and she was so impressed with IWHC that she wrote about our work on the Huffington Post. A snippet of the article below, click through to read the whole piece!

Women are affected by HIV in countless ways. They are the caretakers of husbands, children, parents and neighbors living with HIV/AIDS. They worry about how to protect themselves and their children from infection. Sexual coercion and violence against women are rampant inside and outside marriage, heightening their of infection risk . Those living with HIV/AIDS, or whose partners die of AIDS, are often beaten, stigmatized and rejected by their families.

Ensuring equal access to prevention, treatment, care and support for women and girls requires ending the gender inequality and discrimination that drive the pandemic. Organizations like the International Women’s Health Coalition work in partnership with advocates worldwide to ensure that the global AIDS response reflects the realities of women and girls. Their approach is ambitious: IWHC provides financial support and capacity-building for women’s organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and mobilizes women and young people to advocate in for the policies and funding they know are needed.



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