What Do Sex Workers, NGO staff, and Health Workers Have in Common?

r4sw They are all contributors to the annual journal Research for Sex Work. Articles from India, Mali, Spain, the UK and the US, illustrated with beautiful photographs by Mathilde Bouvard, discuss pleasure and sex work, the failures of raids to help trafficked persons, violence against sex workers and more. The journal has just released its 11th issue in English and French, which you can download as a PDF by visiting the website, or you can request a paper copy by emailing editor [at] r4sw.org.

Here are the contents of this year’s journal:

    Editorial — Melissa Ditmore and Will Rockwell
    Brothels in Bamako Today — Sylvia Mollet and Fatoumata, facilitator
    of DANAYA SO, and members

    Les Maisons closes d’aujourd’hui à Bamako — Vues par Sylvia Mollet
    et Fatoumata, animatrice de DANAYA SO et d’autres membres

    “SexWorkers’ Rights are Human Rights!”: Takin’ it to the Streets on
    the Las Vegas Strip–Holly Pottle

    “Les Droits des travailleurs de sexe sont des droits de l’homme!”
    criait-on dans les rues du centre ville (“sur le Strip”) à Las Vegas–
    Holly Pottle

    The Vagina as a Site of Power and Playfulness–Jayasree A.K.
    Le vagin comme lieu de pouvoir et d’amusement–Jayasree A.K.

    SexWork and Sexual Pleasure–Rut Pinedo González
    Le Travail de sexe et le plaisir sexue–Rut Pinedo González

    Kicking Down the Door: The Effects of Anti-trafficking Raids in the
    USA–Melissa Ditmore
    En forçant la porte à s’ouvrir: les effets de la lutte contre la
    traite humain aux Etats-Unis–Melissa Ditmore

    Demonising Desire: MenWho Buy Sex and Prostitution Policy in the
    United Kingdom–Sarah Kingston
    La Diabolisation du désir: Les hommes qui achètent le sexe et la
    politique de la prostitution dans le Royaume-Uni–Sarah Kingston

    An Interview with Hilary Kinnell, Author of Violence and Sex Work in
    Un interview avec Hilary Kinnell, l’auteur de Violence et travail de
    sexe en Grande Bretagne

    An excerpt from Violence and Sex Work in Britain
    Un extrait de Violence et travail de sexe en Grande Bretagne

Research for Sex Work is published by the Network of Sex Work Projects.



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