The YP Foundation Celebrates Their 7th Anniversary

ypblogbanner This coming weekend, our partners The YP Foundation are celebrating their 7th Anniversary. And I do mean celebrate: they’ve got a weekend of music, debate, art, film and social change planned. The festivities take place in their home city of New Delhi, India and include the following events:

Concert: A performance by Swarathma, a leading band in the country. Swarathma was formed in 2002, as a Bangalore based Indian Folk/fusion band. They released their debut album on Virgin Records and were nominated for the Jack Daniels Indian Rock Awards in 2008. Winners of the Radio City Live 2006 nation wide content for Bangalore’s Best Band in 2006 and were finalists for the Radio City Live content for India’s best Hindi Band. In 2008 Swarathma recorded for a compilation album funded by the British Council. They have performed both in India and internationally.

Exhibit: 7 Years of The YP: Artwork, paintings, photography and installation art showcasing young people’s work with the issues we work with.

Film: 7 Digital Stories by the YP’s Youth-led Staff: featuring staff members’ journeys with The YP Foundation, on what it means to run a youth-led organization and projects that create social change. Supported by the Global Fund for Children and the Centre for Digital Storytelling, USA.

I met Ishita Chaudhry, the founder of the YP Foundation, in February when she was in New York to help facilitate IWHC’s Advocacy in Practice (AiP) training. She is a force of nature. A previous participant of AiP herself, Ishita returned to be a trainer and help prepare youth activists from 14 countries for the task of lobbying their nations’ respective delegates at the United Nation during the Commission on the Status of Women.

During the weeks she was in the United States, Ishita also got the chance to travel to Washington, D.C. and present remarks at an United States Congressional Briefing on Global Youth. Here’s what she had to say about why she founded the YP Foundation:

    The desire to want to see young people as their own change makers in their own societies is what made me set up The YP Foundation in India in 2002, informally known as The Youth Parliament Foundation. I deeply wanted young people from across the country to be recognized as stakeholders in society who were empowered, whose opinions mattered and who had the ability to create platforms for issues that were important for their communities. And to do that, we needed to make sure that young people were inspired, empowered and informed enough to take accountability and responsibility for themselves. I started this organization in high school seven years ago, with 3 friends, limited resources and a lot of community support.

You can read the whole speech, titled Denying Young People the Right to Know, in four installments here on Akimbo or you can download it as a PDF here.



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