Take Action Now: Don’t Let Women Lose in Healthcare Reform

Call Congress Today
Call Congress Today

Following weeks of debate, congressional leaders have announced that they will not vote on health care reform until September, after the summer recess.  But this doesn’t mean a stop to the conversation-lawmakers will be hosting events across the country to continue the momentum for reform, and they need to hear from you.

Do you believe that basic reproductive health services should be covered by public health plans?  Do you believe that you and women throughout the United States have the right to coverage for needed services?

Some politicians not only oppose an expansion in access to reproductive health services, but are threatening to restrict coverage.  At the same time, anti-choice leaders are threatening repercussions if provisions to expand insurance coverage for abortions become law.

Women Can’t Afford to Lose Because of Politics.  Act Now.

Call or email your representative and senators to let them know that you support access to comprehensive reproductive care and services for all women.  Click here to find your Senator’s contact information, and click here to find your Representative’s contact information.  Use the text below or write your own note.

Dear [Name],

Health care reform should improve access to health services and care, not restrict it.

We cannot sacrifice reproductive health care for the sake of politics.  Millions rely on health care facilities that provide the following comprehensive services that women and their families need to stay healthy:

  • Contraception and family planning services
  • Maternal health services to ensure healthy pregnancies and safe childbirth
  • Prevention, testing and treatment of STIs, including HIV
  • Safe abortion services and post-abortion care

I strongly urge you to make positive health outcomes, rather than politics, the goal of health care reform.  It would be unconscionable to do otherwise.  Women across the country rely on your leadership- please stand strong for the essential healthcare package women need to live healthy lives.





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