(Video) Michelle Goldberg on the Global Battle Over Reproductive Health

In her new book The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World, author Michelle Goldberg exposes the global battle over women’s reproductive rights that pit reformers against an international alliance of fundamentalists, with profound consequences for both individual lives and worldwide development.

Last night IWHC hosted an event with Michelle so our friends and staff could learn more about her approach to writing the book. We were especially interested to hear what she had to say because she chronicles the rise of the international women’s movement, including the key roles played by our founders Joan Dunlop and Adrienne Germain.

Lori Adelman was able to get a few minutes with Michelle to talk about her work on video.



2 responses to “(Video) Michelle Goldberg on the Global Battle Over Reproductive Health

  1. This is a fantastic video! What's impressive about Michelle's book is that she has really crammed so much information into such a short and readable 300 pages. This also means the book leaves a lot of room for interviews she does about the book to push the conversations forward. The book is only a starting place for these very necessary conversations.

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