Support Activists in Honduras: Thank President Zelaya for Keeping EC Legal in Honduras

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This week women’s health and rights activists are celebrating President Manual Zelaya Rosales’ decision to veto a bill that would have outlawed emergency contraception in Honduras.

The bill, which the national Congress of Honduras passed last month, would have made it illegal to sell, purchase, distribute, or use emergency contraception.  As soon as Congress passed the bill,  women’s rights advocates in Honduras mobilized by sending letters and demonstrating to demand a Presidential veto. In the end, they succeeded in persuading President Zelaya that the bill violated women’s human rights, which are protected under the Honduras Constitution and international human rights treaties. See also Women Outraged that Honduras Outlaws EC for a brief recap.

Please write to President Zelaya today ( and thank him for standing strong for the women of Honduras and ensuring they can continue to legally access emergency contraception, which is a crucial part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

Sample letter text in English is below. For Spanish click here.

Excelentísimo Señor
Presidente de la República de Honduras
Don Manuel Zelaya Rosales
Su Despacho

Señor Presidente:

On behalf of women worldwide, thank you for your unwavering support for women’s health and human rights.

Ensuring women’s access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services such as emergency contraception is one crucial step towards securing every woman’s right to a just and healthy life. As a result of your veto of Decree No. 54-2009 from April 2, 2009, more women will be able to decide when and if they want to get pregnant.

Thank you again for helping girls and women access the sexual and reproductive health services they need to stay healthy and safe.


[Insert your name]

Protesters against the outlawing of EC in Honduras.

Susanna Smith is the Program Officer for Communications at the International Women’s Health Coalition. Read her bio  here .



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  1. Thanks for the president for setting a great example, hope other heads of states will follow suit.

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