Supportive Advocacy and Solidarity

Every advocate I know, especially those working in sexual health and reproductive rights, does so partly because they (we!) want to make a difference in securing a just and healthy life for all, especially women and young people.

The International Women’s Health Coalition works towards this goal in several different ways, including shaping international health policies and funding , and providing support to 75 organizations in 10 countries. One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot since I joined the Coalition last October is the ways that support and advocacy can be best offered in the international context. That women’s rights organizations in the north want to support women’s rights organizations in the south is a given. But how can we bring the voices of feminists from the global south to the forefront  without clouding the issues with ideas about what we think is best?

Back in February, I got a chance to talk with IWHC’s incredible Board Vice Chair, Mabel Bianco. We were talking about her experiences in the feminist movements internationally and as a doctor and activist in her native Argentina, and we started talking about this tension. She had some really great things to say about how advocates from the global north can support women from the global south, and I was lucky enough to capture it on video:

Audacia Ray is the Program Officer for Online Communications and Campaigns at IWHC. Read her bio here.



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