President Obama Selects New U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

goosby-atlas-photo Last night, President Barack Obama announced his pick for the new U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator.  Dr. Eric Goosby will oversee the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which was established under President Bush. Here is a run down of what’s being said about the nomination:

Official White House Statement on Goosby highlights his accomplishments, including serving as the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation since 2001.

The NY Times highlights some of the challenges that Dr. Goosby (or any nominee) will face in the position.

A Reuters piece focuses on the opportunities provided to work with the program that President Bush set into motion.

Physicians for Human Rights commends Dr. Goosby’s “knowledge and vision,” while AIDS Action applauds Dr. Goosby’s awareness of the “tremendous complexities” involved in addressing the HIV pandemic, and predicts he will implement the initiative “in the way that Congress intended.”



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