Dominican Republic Activists Protest Repro Rights Restrictions

Repro rights protest in the Dominican Republic Last week we blogged about the worrisome approval of Article 30 in the Dominican Republic, which seriously restricts reproductive freedoms in the country.

Our colleagues at the Colectiva Mujer y Salud have been keeping us updated on the activist mobilizations around the issue. Photographer Lorena Espinoza Peña sent us a fantastic set of photos taken at a protest last week. Check them out in the slideshow below or on our Flickr photostream. The signs you see being held up in lots of these pictures translate to, “Shame, shame, shame on Congress.” Amnesty International has also released a statement (PDF) urging the Dominican Republic to pass legislation that enhances women’s health and rights instead of restricting them.

volante-plantones The folks at Colectiva are putting together a statement that we’ll post here once it’s finalized and has been translated from the original Spanish. In the meantime, check out this flier for a protest in the Dominican Republic on Thursday (click image for hi res version).

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