UNAIDS sets new standards for universal access to prevention

unaids_logo The Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) has a new director, Michel Sidibé, who has outlined his plan for creating universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

In every region of the world, more women are living with HIV than ever before. The international Women’s Health Coalition is the secretariat of the With Women Worldwide Compact – an action agenda designed to compel the policy changes needed to prevent increasing HIV infections in women and young people, and ensure their equitable access to treatment, care, and support.

On February 23, the Working Group of With Women Worldwide submitted several priority recommendations to Michel Sidibé to assist UNAIDS in achieving their universal access goals. The Working Group proposes that UNAIDS:
1. Promote rights-based approaches to prevention for women and girls;
2. Promote and support women’s and young people’s access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services;
3. Endorse and assist countries to provide universal access to comprehensive sexuality education;
4. Promote multisectoral efforts to address women’s empowerment and gender equality;
5. Prioritize access to female condoms;
6. Ensure gender expertise in UNAIDS; and
7. Monitor new and emerging initiatives from the perspective of the human rights of women and girls.



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