UN Trying to Recruit More Female Peacekeepers

united-nations_logo1 Women’s eNews has a great article by Dominique Soguel about the United Nations’ attempt to increase the numbers of female peacekeepers in their employ.

Among other issues, sexual abuse is frequently perpetuated by male peacekeepers:

During the past 15 years, allegations of sexual abuse have been made against peacekeepers in each of the U.N.’s peacekeeping missions, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, East Timor and Liberia.

The U.N. in 2005 published a frank report on the sexual abuses committed by its forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Though I’m all for the UN being proactive about recruiting more women to be peacekeepers (currently only about 8% of peacekeepers are female), the reports about sexual assault are pretty disturbing. Adding more women into the pool of peacekeepers is probably a little too simplistic an approach to fixing the power dynamics and sexual violence.

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